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Green Springs Enterprise & Consultancy Group:

In the spirit of the policy of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul BIYA, to promote entrepreneurship in Cameroonian Universities and Institutions of Higher Learning, Green Springs empowers students, individuals and communities through its educational and consultancy services across various schools

School of Sustainable Agriculture

Empowering Farmers
- High-quality seeds distribution
- Precision agriculture solutions (drone mapping, soil analysis)
- Post-harvest processing facilities (drying, milling, storage)
- Agritourism and educational farm tours

Value-Added Processing
- Jams, sauces, dried fruits from agricultural produce
- Master of Science in Business Analytics
- Organic fertilizer production from waste

School of Information Technologies

Digital Solutions
- Custom software development for businesses
- Mobile app development and marketing
- Data analysis and business intelligence
- E-commerce and website development
Secure Infrastructure
- Cybersecurity services (penetration testing, vulnerability assessments)
- IT network design, installation, and maintenance
- Cloud computing and data center solutions
- Internet of Things (IoT) development and consulting

School of Ecology

Waste Management
- Waste collection and recycling programs
- Composting and organic fertilizer production
- Biogas generation from organic waste
Sustainable Solutions
- Ecotourism and sustainable tourism services
- Environmental consulting and impact assessments
- Natural resource management and conservation projects
- Climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies

School of Business and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Business Growth:
- Business consulting and market research
- Entrepreneurship training and incubation programs
- Financial literacy and management workshops
- Investment and crowdfunding platforms
Sustainability Integration
- Green business solutions and consulting
- Impact investing and social entrepreneurship support

Green Springs stands for fostering a thriving future for all, driven by education, collaboration, and responsible progress.