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GSDU where STEM meets SPACE


Green Spring Digital University pioneers transformative education, fostering innovation in technology and sciences for a dynamic future landscape


Green Spring Digital University boasts industry experts guiding tech, agriculture, and health science courses, ensuring knowledge enrichment and success


Fostering innovation, Green Spring Digital University inspires entrepreneurial minds to thrive, creating impactful leaders for a dynamic and evolving future


At Green Spring Digital University, excellence is not just a goal; it's the journey, a way of life, determination and shaping bright minds for impactful futures

Welcome to Green Springs Digital University (GSDU)

GSDU is one of the leading Project University in the Africa region and enjoys a high distinguished reputation as a digital and , research-oriented multi-disciplinary, international university of science and technology, and has strong capabilities and outstanding achievements in professional, vocational, academic and blended online courses Programs customized and tailored to needs, making it very unique and distinguished from other institutions. With special emphasis on technology transformation processes on textile from locally produced plantation farms, renewable energy sources from locally produced cocoa pods, and clean cooking charcoal briquettes from locally produced palm cones just to mentioned a few thereby putting GSDI university at the fore front to offer well developed Programs that are aspiring and inspiring for positive growths path in green knowledge towards a greener economy.

Our Course Categories

Our University Faculties

Faculty of science and technology

Faculty of Science And

Dive into innovation with the Faculty of Science and Technology at Green Spring Digital University. Our dynamic programs empower students with cutting-edge knowledge, hands-on experience, and industry expertise, ensuring unparalleled success in a rapidly evolving technological landscape
Faculty of data science and analytics

Faculty of Data Science And Analytics

Embark on an immersive journey into Data Science and Analytics excellence. Our cutting-edge programs seamlessly integrate theoretical knowledge with hands-on skills, creating a dynamic environment that empowers students to master data-driven insights and foster innovation for a transformative professional journey
Agriculture and Technology

Faculty of Agriculture and Technology

Explore the nexus of Agriculture and Technology excellence. Our specialized programs seamlessly merge agricultural principles with cutting-edge technology, providing an ideal environment to cultivate skills that meet the demands of modern agribusiness and technology integration
Faculty of business innovation and entrepreneurial ventures

Faculty of Business Innovation And Entrepreneurial Ventures

Embark on a transformative journey into Business Innovation and Entrepreneurial Ventures. Our dynamic programs seamlessly blend business acumen with innovation, fostering an environment where aspiring entrepreneurs thrive and business leaders are shaped for success in the ever-evolving marketplace
Faculty of health science and technological care

Faculty of Health Science and Technological Care

Discover excellence in Health Science and Technological Care. Our programs seamlessly integrate healthcare and technology, providing an optimal environment to cultivate skills essential for delivering cutting-edge health solutions in a rapidly advancing technological landscape and the world
Faculty of football and sports technology

Faculty of Football and Sports Technology

Dive into the immersive realm of Football and Sports Technology. Our pioneering programs seamlessly amalgamate athletic prowess with cutting-edge technology, fostering an ideal environment for students to master skills that align with the dynamic intersection of modern sports and technological advancements

Five Adjective To Describe GSDU

A choice that makes the difference.


Innovative: Green Spring University embraces innovation by offering cutting-edge digital training, interdisciplinary programs, and a focus on research and collaboration. The university stays ahead of the curve in terms of educational approaches and prepares students for the rapidly changing world


Specialized: With its wide range of specialized faculties, Green Spring University offers focused education in various fields, allowing students to develop expertise in their chosen areas of study. The university provides in-depth knowledge and skills to meet the demands of specific industries.


Global: Green Spring University has a global perspective and aims to be a leading global institution. It offers education and certifications with international recognition and value, prepares students for a globalized world, and encourages global collaboration and engagement


Sustainable: The university is committed to sustainability and incorporates sustainability practices in its programs. With a focus on disciplines such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and environmental management, Green Spring University equips students to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability


Empowering: Green Spring University empowers students by providing them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and values to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond. The university fosters a culture of social responsibility, ethical leadership, and community engagement, preparing students to become agents of change

Reasons Green Spring University Standouts

Visualizing a campus with modern architecture, well-maintained buildings, and advanced facilities such as high-tech classrooms, research labs, libraries, and sports facilities.
Imagining students actively participating in practical activities, conducting experiments in laboratories, working on projects, engaging in discussions and debates, and collaborating with peers and faculty members
Envisioning students utilizing advanced technology and digital tools for learning and collaboration. This could include scenes of students using computers, programming, or engaging in virtual reality experiences
Picturing scenes of students from different faculties and disciplines coming together to work on projects, sharing ideas, and collaborating. This includes images of students from diverse backgrounds engaging in teamwork.
Imagining scenes of eco-friendly practices on campus, such as green spaces, solar panels, recycling bins, gardens, or sustainable agriculture projects. This highlights the university's commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship
Visualizing a diverse community of students and faculty members from different cultures and backgrounds, representing the global perspective of the university. This could involve images of international flags, cultural events, or students wearing traditional attire.
Seeing scenes of students participating in internships, industry placements, or career fairs, showcasing the university's focus on practical skills and preparing students for their future careers. This might also include images of guest speakers, industry professionals, or alumni networking events.
Digital Learning Tips: Maximizing Your Educational Experience at Green Springs

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What Our Students Say

Tony Franklin


Green Spring Digital University transformed my career. The innovative approach to education and expert faculty elevated my skills, propelling me into a successful tech career

Rose Awah


Exceptional programs at Green Spring Digital University. The blend of theory and practical application prepared me for real-world challenges, setting me apart in my industry.

Debenick Johnson


Green Spring Digital University exceeded my expectations. The dynamic curriculum and supportive community shaped my entrepreneurial mindset, preparing me for a thriving business venture


Green Springs Blue Economy Incubator
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Green Springs Digital University, located at AWAE on the road to MFOU, 50m after College Père MONTI
First Bootcamp Invitation by GSDU
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Green Springs Digital University, located at AWAE on the road to MFOU, 50m after College Père MONTI
Blue Economy Green Job Maritime Center
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Green Springs Digital University, located at AWAE on the road to MFOU, 50m after College Père MONTI

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