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Explore limitless possibilities at Prospect Consulting. Our diverse course offerings in AWS, Linux, DevOps, and Agile/Scrum cater to every skill level


Immerse in interactive learning at Prospect Consulting. Engage with dynamic content and hands-on exercises, fostering a transformative educational journey


Achieve success with Prospect Consulting. Our courses deliver tangible results, equipping you with skills essential for career advancement and growth

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Welcome to Prospect Consulting! Embark on a transformative learning journey with us. As a leading online education hub, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge courses in Amazon Web Services, Linux, DevOps, and Agile/Scrum. Our expert-led curriculum ensures you not only gain theoretical knowledge but also master practical skills crucial for success in the tech industry. Beyond education, we offer top-notch tech consultation services, leveraging our extensive industry expertise. Looking to build a dynamic team? Our staffing solutions connect talent with opportunities seamlessly.

At Prospect Consulting, we’re not just educators; we’re your partners in tech excellence. Explore our comprehensive offerings, dive into transformative learning experiences, and discover how we can propel your career forward. Click below to delve deeper into the world of Prospect Consulting

Skills You Will Acquire

Learn practical, in-demand tech skills from the comfort of your own home with our 100% online learning platform. Get the skills you’ll need for employment in the future and stay one step ahead of the curve

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform offering a wide array of services. At Prospect Consulting, we provide the best AWS learning experience, blending expertise, hands-on training, and real-world applications for comprehensive skill development


DevOps is a collaborative approach, integrating development and operations to enhance efficiency and speed in software delivery. Prospect Consulting offers a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experiences for optimal skill acquisition and application

Agile/Scrum Overview

Agile/Scrum Overview

This is an iterative project management framework promoting flexibility and collaboration. Prospect Consulting stands out as the premier destination for mastering Agile/Scrum, offering expert guidance for effective implementation in real-world scenarios

Linux Operating System

Linux is an open-source operating system known for its stability and security. Prospect Consulting stands as the optimal learning environment for Linux, providing comprehensive courses that impart in-depth knowledge and practical skills for effective system administration.

Our Staffing Services

We help companies find the right talent for their job needs

Prospect Consulting specializes in connecting companies with top-tier talent, ensuring a seamless recruitment process. Our expertise lies in identifying and securing the perfect candidates to meet your organization's unique job requirements, fostering growth and success

Unlock your workforce potential! For top-notch staffing solutions, fill the form below to contact us and we will get back to you in no time

    Why Choose Us?

    Tailor your learning journey with Prospect Consulting's personalized paths, diverse learning styles and speeds, empowering you to acquire skills at your own pace for lasting proficiency
    Learn from seasoned professionals, gaining practical knowledge to excel, as Prospect Consulting's instructors bring real-world expertise to your virtual classroom.
    Our successful placements speak volumes. Join a growing list of satisfied clients who have experienced exceptional results through our meticulous talent acquisition processes. Contact Us
    Engage in hands-on learning experiences through our dynamic online platform, fostering an interactive environment that maximizes comprehension and mastery of tech skills.

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    Prospect Consulting provides every details and documents needed for your learning. You can start your lessons by visiting the Signing Up and visiting the courses page. If don't yet have an account, Click on the link below to create a free account with us

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    Now you can access the courses. We provides all ranges of courses according to the programs we offer, such as AWS, LINUX, DevOps etc All courses are well-built with detailed documents and attachments serving your learning progress.

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    Enroll in the course

    Prospect Consulting integrates a very powerful learning management system for courses and lessons, serving the best environment for students. To enroll navigate to the 'Enrollment' page and you will be prompted to a Google sheet page where you will fill in the necessary infos

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    After enrolling for your desired courses, Navigate to the ''Payment'' page and make the necessary payments according the payment options available. At the end of each course program you are graded and a certificate is awarded to you. HAPPY LEARNING !!!!

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    What Our Students Say

    Kelvin Achu


    Enrolling with Prospect Consulting was a game-changer. The comprehensive curriculum and hands-on projects provided a solid foundation. I now confidently navigate the tech industry, thanks to their invaluable guidance

    Belinda Ngwa


    Prospect Consulting transformed my career. The tech program exceeded expectations—engaging instructors, practical projects, and personalized support catapulted me into a thriving tech role. Truly exceptional learning experience!

    Fredrick Spencer


    Prospect Consulting delivers more than just tech education; it's a community. The networking opportunities, industry insights, and mentorship elevated my skills, enabling me to thrive in the competitive tech landscape

    Rose Egbe


    Choosing Prospect Consulting was the best decision for my tech journey. The personalized learning approach, continuous support, and relevant coursework equipped me with the skills needed to excel in the tech sector